Alternatives to traditional open lumbar fusion

By Michael Perry, M.D.

For many years, traditional open spine lumbar fusion was the only surgical option available to patients experiencing severe degenerative conditions of the lumbar (lower) spine who required spinal stabilization. The surgery aims to relieve neural compression caused by conditions like degenerative disc disease or spondylolisthesis. It also repositions the affected vertebrae back to their proper place and stabilizes that section of the spine. It is a highly invasive procedure that can require a full recovery period of up to a year.

While traditional open spinal fusion is appropriate for some patients and may be the sole option for individuals who have severe structural problems of the spine, there are minimally invasive alternatives to this type of surgery. For patients who are candidates, minimally invasive fusion offers a variety of benefits.

What is minimally invasive stabilization?

Minimally invasive stabilization procedures are Laser Spine Institute’s approach to lumbar fusion. These procedures are performed by our board-certified surgeons+ on an outpatient basis using muscle-sparing techniques. Our minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), is one example of a procedure that has been used for patients who have not found relief from their back pain through conservative treatments and want an alternative to traditional open lumbar fusion.

Minimally invasive lumbar stabilization, including our TLIF procedure, offers the following advantages for our patients:

  • Performed on an outpatient basis at our surgery centers located across the United States
  • A small incision, around an inch in length
  • No lengthy recovery^
  • A reduced risk of infection, nerve damage and failed back surgery syndrome compared to traditional procedures^

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