5 things to expect after spondylosis surgery

No two patients are alike. The exact condition and severity of the condition, general health condition, age, mobility, other preexisting conditions and support network can all factor into the surgical experience and recovery. Learn more about recovery from minimally invasive spondylosis surgery with these five things to expect after surgery. Being informed will help you set realistic expectations and better manage your recovery period.

Five things to expect after spondylosis surgery

  1. How long will it take to heal from spondylosis surgery? Some patients report improvement immediately following surgery. For others, they start to notice improvement more gradually with real noticeable improvement within three months of surgery. After surgery, you should expect there to be some pain and inflammation related to the incision. Everyone heals at a different rate so make sure you give yourself time to heal. Following your surgeon’s postoperative guide carefully will help in the recovery process.
  2. What to expect the first and second week after spondylosis surgery. After surgery you will need to keep the dressing dry and clean. You should visit your primary care physician to make sure the incision site is healing properly and does not get infected. During this time take short walks and avoid strenuous activities, including bending, twisting, lifting and sexual activity. Do not drive until you have finished taking pain medication and muscle relaxers.
  3. What to expect the third through sixth weeks after spondylosis surgery. During this time take short walks several times per day and avoid sitting or standing for more than four hours at a time. Avoid strenuous activities. Participate in physical therapy according to your physician’s recommendation.
  4. What to expect six weeks after spondylosis surgery. Six weeks after spondylosis surgery you will likely be able to walk two miles pain-free. Continue to participate in physical therapy. If your physician has cleared you, you may be able to start lifting light loads up to 15 pounds.
  5. What to expect three months after spondylosis surgery. Three months after surgery most patients have returned to daily activities and have returned to work.

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