Minimally invasive decompression surgery to relieve spinal stenosis pain

If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, or narrowing in the spinal column, you have likely discussed treatment options with your doctor to find a way to relieve your pain. Most patients begin treatment with conservative methods of pain relief, such as stretches, chiropractic care and pain medication. The conservative treatment options can usually coincide with one another to create a pain management routine to treat your spinal stenosis.

For many patients with spinal stenosis, this treatment approach may work well to relieve the chronic pain of spinal stenosis. But, for other patients with more developed cases of spinal stenosis, conservative treatment options may not provide the relief necessary for a good quality of life.

An outpatient treatment option for spinal stenosis

At Laser Spine Institute, we understand the frustration of attempting a course of treatments for your chronic pain only to not find the relief you are seeking. Maybe you’ve thought about surgery, but are concerned about the risks and difficulties involved, especially with traditional open back surgery.

This is why we have developed our minimally invasive decompression surgery. Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery and we have achieved 98 percent satisfaction and 98 out of 100 patient recommendation.^

Our minimally invasive decompression surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in one of our world-class surgery centers across the country. The surgery itself is conducted through a less than 1-inch incision in the neck or back. The muscles and soft tissues are moved aside, instead of being cut and torn like they would be during a traditional open back surgery. This means a shorter recovery time and less risk of complication compared to traditional procedures.^ Once the spine is accessed, only the damaged portion of the spine that is causing narrowing is removed to relieve nerve compression.

The two most common minimally invasive decompression surgeries we perform for spinal stenosis are laminotomy and foraminotomy.

Minimally invasive stabilization surgery for spinal stenosis

In some cases of more severe spinal stenosis, a minimally invasive stabilization surgery may be recommended. This is our outpatient approach to spinal fusion and involves using muscle-sparing techniques to remove a larger portion of spinal anatomy, such as a damaged spinal disc, and replace it with a stabilizing implant.

Contact our dedicated team today to learn more. You can ask for your free MRI review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures.

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