Three uncommon spinal stenosis treatment options

Spinal stenosis treatment often takes the form of pain medication or corticosteroid injections, among other conservative options. While these forms are typically effective at relieving the pain of this condition, some people want to try more natural ways to reduce the symptoms of spinal stenosis. Alternative treatments methods are natural means of pain reduction, but they are not recognized by the medical board, and therefore not generally recommended by doctors.

If you’re looking for a more natural approach to spinal stenosis treatment without having to turn to alternative therapies, you may be surprised to discover three conservative, doctor-recommended spinal stenosis treatments that are natural ways to reduce your pain.

  1. Physical therapy. Physical therapy is a type of orthopedic treatment that focuses on conditions of the bones and muscles. A physical therapist will help relieve your spinal stenosis pain by walking you through several stretches and exercises that will alternate between lengthening your spine and strengthening your core muscles. This type of spinal stenosis treatment is not only helpful at relieving the pain of spinal stenosis, but also at strengthening your spine to help prevent future spine conditions from developing.
  2. Hot and cold compresses. This spinal stenosis treatment may seem insignificant, but sometimes spinal stenosis is caused by nothing more than an inflamed joint that is pressing into the spinal canal. By alternating between hot and cold compresses, you can help reduce the inflammation in the joint and thereby relieve the pressure on the pinched nerve in the canal.
  3. Weight loss. One of the main contributors to spinal stenosis and other degenerative spine conditions is weight gain. As the body gains weight over the years, the components of the spine experience more compression from having to support the body. This can lead to bulging discs and other conditions that protrude into the spinal canal and cause spinal stenosis. By losing weight as a form of spinal stenosis treatment, you are relieving pressure on your spine and also working toward making your spine healthier for the future.

If you want to learn more about spinal stenosis treatment, contact Laser Spine institute. While many patients find relief from conservative therapies, some may require spine surgery. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is an alternative to traditional open neck or back surgery, and provides patients with a shorter recovery time^ comparatively. To find out if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive procedures, request a no-cost MRI review* from our team today.

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