If you’re searching for natural spinal stenosis treatments, here are three to consider

Spinal stenosis treatment often begins without surgery. Nonsurgical treatment attempts to manage the pain and other symptoms associated with this condition rather than addressing the underlying cause. For many patients, nonsurgical treatment — whether conservative or alternative — is sufficient in managing their symptoms.

Natural methods of spinal stenosis treatment

While conservative treatment for spinal stenosis is much more common, some choose alternative methods of treatment that are completely natural. Patients should always consult with their physicians to ensure alternative spinal stenosis treatment will not aggravate their condition, but there are some natural remedies that have sometimes been successful in relieving spinal stenosis pain. These methods include:

  1. Herbal supplements. Natural medications like Valerian Root have been known to offer many healing benefits for those with spine conditions such as spinal stenosis.
  2. Yoga or Pilates. Gentle exercise such as yoga and Pilates can help to strengthen the muscles that support the spine while also increasing flexibility.
  3. Massage. Chiropractic manipulation may help to temporarily realign the spine and reduce the pressure placed on a compressed nerve root.

What to do if nonsurgical spinal stenosis treatment is ineffective

These natural methods of spinal stenosis treatment, though not widely recognized throughout the medical community, can be effective in relieving a person’s pain and other symptoms. However, alternative treatments are often used in combination with conservative methods of treatment such as pain medication, physical therapy and hot/cold therapy.

In the event that these nonsurgical treatments are unsuccessful after several weeks or months, surgery may be recommended. Those who find themselves in this position can turn to Laser Spine Institute, where our board-certified surgeons+ perform minimally invasive outpatient procedures to treat spinal stenosis. Our surgeries have a number of advantages over traditional open spine surgery, including that they are performed through a small incision using muscle-sparing techniques.^ To find out if you are a candidate for minimally invasive outpatient surgery at Laser Spine Institute, contact us today.

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