Ten questions to ask your doctor before spinal stenosis surgery

If you’ve started considering spinal stenosis surgery as a possible treatment option for your spinal narrowing, you’ll want to discuss all of your options with an experienced medical professional so that you can make the most informed choice for your situation. As you evaluate your surgical options (and determine if there are any other, nonsurgical treatment methods that you may wish to explore first), you’ll want to communicate early and often with your treatment team, thoroughly research the different procedures that can be used to treat spinal stenosis and weigh the potential advantages of each.

Questions that can influence your decision-making process

While determining if — or what type of — spinal stenosis surgery is most appropriate for your needs, consider asking your doctor the following questions:

  1. How likely is it that my spinal stenosis will continue to worsen in the future?
  2. Are there any steps I can take to help limit or prevent future degeneration?
  3. Are there any other nonsurgical treatments that we have not considered yet?
  4. What about alternative therapies?
  5. Is there one specific procedure that is more effective than the others?
  6. Does one procedure have better outcomes, lower complication rates or other measurable benefits?
  7. What sort of outcome can I expect?
  8. When would I realistically be able to expect results, and what would those results likely be?
  9. What is the recovery process like for each of the surgeries you might recommend?
  10. How would my day-to-day life be impacted by surgery?

Laser Spine Institute’s surgical options

At Laser Spine Institute, we perform minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery using muscle-sparing techniques. As a result, our procedures have lower complication rates than traditional open neck or back operations. We also encourage our patients to be up and walking the same day as their procedure^ in contrast to more invasive traditional open spine procedures that require overnight hospitalization.

Laser Spine Institute can help you find out if you’re a candidate for minimally invasive outpatient spinal stenosis surgery. To learn more, contact us today and ask for a no-cost MRI review.*

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