Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Surgery for spinal stenosis is usually avoidable. Most people find that the pain and other symptoms caused by nerve or spinal cord compression related to spinal stenosis, or “narrowing,” can be managed using a combination of conservative, non-surgical treatment methods. However, in rare emergency cases, or in cases where adequate relief proves impossible to achieve conservatively, surgery can become an option. While the type of surgery required will differ based on the underlying cause of the spinal stenosis, many people can and do benefit from relatively recent advances in the use of minimally invasive techniques for spine surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery for spinal stenosis

In years past and even up to today, surgery to manage symptoms related to spinal stenosis almost always meant an open neck or back operation. Often, an open spine operation means the removal of a large portion of the spinal anatomy, followed by the insertion of implants and bone graft material. Permanent reduced range of motion is certain, risk of infection is relatively high and complications are common. Recuperation often takes as long as a full year and is a grueling process.

In more recent years, surgeons have been able to take advantage of incredible advances in the use of minimally invasive techniques to limit the risk of infection and increase the chances for a successful procedure. A minimally invasive, outpatient procedure requires only a small incision, through which the surgical tools are inserted. Only a minimal amount of spinal anatomy is removed – enough to decompress the affected neural structure or structures.

Laser Spine Institute leads the way

No spine health organization performs more minimally invasive surgery for spinal stenosis than Laser Spine Institute. Our surgeons have perfected minimally invasive techniques for spine surgery. To learn more about our outpatient procedures for spinal stenosis, or for a review of an MRI or CT scan to determine your eligibility for one of our outpatient procedures, contact Laser Spine Institute.

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