Patients with spinal stenosis and foot pain have therapeutic options

Spinal stenosis can cause a wide range of symptoms, or no symptoms at all, but many patients note a correlation between spinal stenosis and foot pain. In many cases, the foot pain is accompanied by leg pain, hip pain and lower back pain. Some patients may even lose sensation in their foot, or feel as though it slaps the ground when they walk — a problem known as “foot drop.” In other cases tingling, numbness or shooting sensations in the feet are the patient’s primary symptoms.

Because the pain can be caused by a condition removed from the foot — such as a compressed spinal nerve — it may be difficult for doctors and patients alike to make the connection between the foot pain and spinal stenosis. However, when diagnosed correctly, patients can begin developing a pain management plan with the assistance of their primary care physician. Spinal stenosis-related foot pain often worsens over time. This is why it’s important to find effective methods for managing any discomfort you are experiencing.

Conservative therapies are the first choice for managing spinal stenosis-related foot pain

Upon diagnosis of spinal stenosis as the source of foot pain, conservative therapies are typically the first course of action. These options include:

  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Hot and cold compression therapy
  • Physical therapy sessions and regular exercise
  • Epidural spinal injections to relieve pain and inflammation

Some patients also choose to explore alternative options, such as acupuncture or chiropractic care, but it is important to keep your doctor informed of any new treatments you pursue.

When to consider spinal stenosis surgery

For some spinal stenosis patients, surgery may be necessary to achieve meaningful pain relief if conservative treatments have been fully exhausted. Traditional open spine surgery can involve a large incision, significant disruption of surrounding tissues, hospitalization and a long, often difficult, recovery period. As a safer and effective alternative, Laser Spine Institute performs minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery that offers a lower complication rate and no lengthy recovery^ compared to traditional procedures.

Laser Spine Institute is here to help you evaluate your spinal stenosis-related foot pain treatment options. To request a no-cost MRI review* and find out if you are a candidate for our procedures, contact us today.

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