Spinal narrowing treatment and recovery

Spinal narrowing treatment and recovery tends to center on pain relief. A narrowed spine isn’t usually painful by itself. The condition becomes a problem only if the spinal cord or a nerve root becomes compressed by the narrowing, which can cause pain and other symptoms. If you’re diagnosed with spinal narrowing (also known as spinal stenosis), your physician may suggest beginning with a number of conservative (nonsurgical) treatments.

Spinal narrowing treatment

If your spinal narrowing is causing you pain or discomfort, your physician may suggest one or more of the following treatments:

  • Pain medication — Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs often sufficiently reduce the pain caused by spinal stenosis, but your physician can prescribe you stronger pain medication, if necessary.
  • Light stretching or yoga — Flexibility is key to spine health, and if you aren’t very flexible, stretching your back muscles could be an important part of relieving compression on the nerve roots and spinal cord.
  • Core-strengthening exercises — The stronger your back and core muscles are, the better they’ll be at reducing the constant burdens placed on your spine.
  • Physical therapy — A physical therapist can teach you motions that reduce the burden on your spine and help you increase your range of motion.

Spinal narrowing recovery

Often, conservative treatments and adequate rest substantially relieve the symptoms associated with spinal narrowing to the point that patients can return to their normal routines. In some cases, though, surgery is necessary. If you’ve exhausted all of your nonsurgical options, minimally invasive, outpatient surgery at Laser Spine Institute may be an option. Through a less than 1-inch incision, our surgeons can decompress nerves to address your symptoms. Since we use surgical instruments that push muscles aside rather than cut through them, your muscles will undergo less damage than they would with traditional open back surgery. This also means you’ll have a shorter recovery time ^ after our procedures compared to traditional spine surgery. This is one reason why 86 percent of patients return to work within three months after having minimally invasive decompression (MID) surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

To learn more about the minimally invasive procedures that Laser Spine Institute performs, or to receive a no-cost MRI review* to determine if you’re a candidate our surgery, please contact us today.