Four treatment alternatives for spinal narrowing

If you’ve just been diagnosed with spinal narrowing, you may be researching the treatment options commonly used for this condition. Though many doctors recommend a series of conservative methods to begin spinal narrowing treatment, not everyone wants to take pain medication or undergo corticosteroid injections. If you’re looking for more natural options for spinal narrowing treatment, you should begin researching alternative pain relief methods.

Alternative methods for spinal narrowing treatment are not recognized by the medical board, but many patients have reported finding relief from these therapies. The purpose of alternative methods is to create a natural approach to pain relief by combining herbal medication and ancient medicinal practices, like acupuncture and yoga. Always consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplements, as they might interact with your other medication or medical history.

Take a moment to review the four most common alternative methods for spinal narrowing treatment:

  1. Herbal medication. Certain types of herbal medication can help reduce inflammation in the spine, which can relieve the pain of spinal narrowing. Always consult your doctor before beginning this type of spinal narrowing treatment to ensure your medication and personal medical history does not interfere with any herbal supplements.
  2. Acupuncture. This spinal narrowing treatment is a method of ancient Chinese medicine. By inserting several small needles into different areas of the body, the goal is to increase the body’s circulation and direct its healing powers to the damaged area of your spine.
  3. Yoga. Yoga is a great method of spinal narrowing treatment because it focuses on lengthening and stretching the spine, which brings space into the narrowed spinal canal. It also works to give core strength, which helps alleviate pressure on the spinal canal and the pinched nerve.
  4. Chiropractic treatment. A chiropractic adjustment is the manual manipulation of the spine to move the components of the spine back into place. This can be helpful for spinal narrowing if a bone spur or other component of the spine is protruding in the canal space.

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