Five facts to learn before your spinal narrowing surgery

If your physician has recently recommended that you undergo spinal narrowing surgery, you likely have a number of questions regarding the options available to you and how surgery will affect your daily life. Of course, only your physician can provide you with personalized information regarding your unique case of spinal narrowing. However, having a general understanding of what spinal narrowing surgery is and how it can affect your life can help you prepare for your appointment with your physician.

Learning about spinal narrowing surgery

Whether you have just been diagnosed with spinal narrowing or have undergone several weeks or months of nonsurgical treatment without success, learning about spinal narrowing surgery can ease your anxiety and help you make informed decisions about your spine health. Here are a few basic things every patient considering spinal narrowing surgery should know:

  1. Spinal narrowing surgery is typically only recommended when all nonsurgical methods of treatment have been exhausted.
  2. There are several kinds of surgery, both traditional and minimally invasive, that can be used to treat individuals with spinal narrowing.
  3. Spinal narrowing surgery aims to treat the underlying cause of a patient’s pain, rather than managing the symptoms which is the goal of conservative treatment.
  4. Surgery typically provides long-term relief from the symptoms of spinal narrowing.
  5. Recovery following spinal narrowing surgery will depend on the specific procedure that is performed.

Spinal narrowing surgery at Laser Spine Institute

The board-certified surgeons+ at Laser Spine Institute perform minimally invasive spinal narrowing surgery using advanced muscle-sparing techniques, so our procedures offer shorter recovery times and reduced risk of infection and complications as compared to open neck or back surgery.^ If you are suffering from spinal narrowing and would like to see if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive outpatient surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute today.