Spinal fusion treatment — what are the alternatives?

Patients diagnosed with spine conditions are typically recommended to try several conservative therapies as a first method of treatment. Most mild spine conditions respond well to conservative treatments, such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain medication and other non-surgical therapies. The purpose of these treatments is to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with the spine condition.

However, some more severe spine conditions may not respond well to conservative therapies. If you have been diagnosed with a spine condition and you have sought conservative treatment for more than three months with little to no lasting pain relief, you should consult your physician about a new treatment regimen. Your physician may recommend that you undergo spinal surgery to effectively treat your condition, if your condition is not finding relief from conservative treatments.

Being faced with a decision about spine surgery or spinal fusion can be overwhelming. There are several risks with traditional open back fusion that should be weighed against the possible benefits of the surgery. Some patients feel cornered into the decision of traditional open back fusion because they are unaware of a safer and effective surgical option.

A safer, more effective alternative to traditional open back fusion

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer a safer, more effective alternative to traditional open back fusion. Our minimally invasive stabilization surgery offers less risk and a shorter recovery time^ than traditional open back fusion*. Because of the minimally invasive nature of our procedure, our surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in one of our seven world-class surgery centers across the country.

The surgery begins with the surgeon making a small infusion in the back, about an inch in length. Through this small incision, the surgeon will access the spine and remove the diseased disc or joint that is impacting the nerve root in the spinal canal and causing your pain. Unlike traditional open back fusion that has to cut through the surrounding muscles and soft tissue to perform a spinal fusion, our minimally invasive surgery leaves all of the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the spine intact. This helps reduce a patient’s recovery time because the muscles do not have to heal and rebuild. After the damaged disc or joint is removed, the surgeon will insert an implant into the now-empty space to stabilize the spine.

Our team at Laser Spine Institute believes in patient-centered care; that means that you will receive compassionate care in a relaxing atmosphere. Our commitment to patient-centered care and medical advancement has named Laser Spine Institute the leader in minimally invasive surgery.

To date, we’ve helped more than 75,000 people find relief from chronic neck or back pain through our minimally invasive procedures, and we’ve earned a 98 patient satisfaction score^. We are confident that we can help you on your journey to wellness with our safer, more effective procedures.

For more information about a safer, more effective alternative to traditional open back fusion, call our Care Team and schedule a consultation. We are here to help you find answers so you can make an informed decision about your spine care needs.