Three quick tips before your bone spur treatment

Bone spur treatment can help improve your quality of life, and knowing what kinds of treatments you’re getting into can help put you even more at ease. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind before you receive spinal bone spur treatment.

Tip #1 — Understand the nature of the treatment regimen

In most cases, treatment methods are designed only to address the symptoms that the bone spur is causing, not the bone spur itself. Outside of surgery, all treatment measures are intended to mitigate pain, discomfort, muscle weakness and other issues caused when a bone spur in the spine impinges on a nerve root or the spinal cord. That isn’t to say that non-surgical methods are ineffective; most patients experience an improvement in their symptoms after a few weeks or months of adhering to their physician’s conservative treatment regimen.

Tip #2 — Be prepared to make some lifestyle changes

You’re probably expecting that your physician will recommend medication to help combat your symptoms, but you might not know that lifestyle changes are also often suggested for spinal bone spur treatment. Spinal bone spurs are sometimes caused by overuse of a joint through repetitive motions and continual strain on the spine. For that reason, your physician may ask you to refrain from certain motions like heavy lifting or participating in activities like golfing, which relies on the repeated twisting of the spine. Carrying around extra weight can also put added strain on the spine. If you’re overweight, your physician will likely recommend that you lose excess weight by dieting and performing low-impact exercises like swimming.

Tip #3 — Know that surgery may be an option

Although most people find conservative bone spur treatment methods to be sufficient, some may need surgical intervention to obtain adequate relief from their symptoms. Spine surgery isn’t right for everyone, but you may want to look into it at some point. There are traditional, open spine surgery options as well as minimally invasive ones like the procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute. To learn more and to request a professional review of your MRI results, contact us today.