How can you recover from bone spur surgery?

Before you undergo bone spur surgery, you should discuss with your surgical team what to expect during your recovery period. Recovering from bone spur surgery will be a different process for everyone, and the time it takes to recover largely depends on the location of the surgery, your activity level prior to the procedure and your overall medical history. Your surgeon will create a personalized recovery plan to help you return to your daily activities in a safe and timely manner after your procedure.

Another factor in your recovery from bone spur surgery is the type of surgery you undergo. Often, patients have a choice between traditional open back surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. Of the two options, minimally invasive spine surgery has a lower risk of complications and shorter recovery time^ due to the smaller incision and muscle-sparing techniques used. At Laser Spine Institute, we’ve helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from chronic neck and back pain through our minimally invasive spine surgeries.

What to expect during your recovery from bone spur surgery

Your recovery guidelines will explain the activities you are allowed and encouraged to do as well as the ones you need to avoid in order to help your body heal from bone spur surgery. Often, the daily exercises and stretches outlined in your recovery guidelines serve not only to help your body heal after surgery, but also to begin rebuilding the strength and flexibility in your spine that may have been lost after months or years of being hindered by chronic pain.

Because your body may not be used to some of the recommended exercises and stretches in your recovery guidelines, always go slow and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort. Contact your doctor if the pain continues after rest.

To learn more about what to expect after bone spur surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute today. If you have already undergone our minimally invasive spine surgery and you have questions about your recovery, call our 24-hour SPINE LINE to speak to our medical professionals.