Do Osteophytes Require Surgery?

Do Osteophytes Require Surgery?

Osteophytes do not require surgery unless they are causing pain or other symptoms to a degree that one’s quality of life is diminished. Osteophytes – more commonly known as bone spurs – are not actually painful. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone to go years without discovering the presence of osteophytes. Surgery would be an overreaction if the accompanying discomfort were merely an annoyance, especially since osteophytes are completely benign.

Potential problems

It is when bone spurs come into contact with other tissues that problems can arise. A small knob of bone in the wrong place can irritate or interfere with muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and even blood vessels. This can lead to inflammation, pain and a decrease in range of movement in the affected joint or spine segment; in the neck (cervical spine), diminished circulation, difficulty swallowing and breathing problems could result, depending on the location of the osteophytes. Surgery may be necessary in cases in which blood flow or breathing are affected, or if spinal osteophytes impinge on a spinal nerve root.

How osteophytes are removed

In an open osteophytectomy, the surgeon will clip off osteophytes using an instrument that resembles a pair of pliers after accessing the affected area through a significant incision. The surgeon then will use a powered instrument to resurface the bones. Such a procedure can lead to hospitalization for several days, followed by a lengthy and painful recovery process. At Laser Spine Institute, however, we perform all of our procedures using a minimally invasive technique that enables our surgeons to access the trouble spot through a small incision. Such a method avoids the cutting of muscle; instead, muscle and other tissues are merely pushed aside. The removal of the offending osteophytes then involves the use of very small instruments that accomplish the same goals with much less disturbance and collateral tissue damage than traditional open spine surgery.

If you have spinal osteophytes, surgery might be the only option to relieve you of the pain and other symptoms that may occur. In that case, contact Laser Spine Institute to find out more about how we can help you find relief from neck and back pain.