Bone Spur Treatment Options

Bone Spur Treatment Options

No two people will undergo exactly the same spinal bone spur treatment because one particular situation will differ from any other patient’s. However, most people experiencing nerve compression symptoms as a result of a spinal bone spur will begin with a conservative treatment plan. Conservative, or non-surgical, therapies are considered to be the gold standard throughout the mainstream medical community because they are generally safe and effective for all patients.

Conservative treatments

So, what conservative treatment methods might your physician recommend for you? Some of the most common nonsurgical bone spur treatment options include:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Opioid pain medication – to help relieve moderate to severe pain
  • Physical therapy – to improve range of motion and keep joints mobile
  • Cold therapy – to help relieve inflammation and numb pain
  • Heat therapy – to loosen tense muscles and promote oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flow to the affected area

Where there are spinal bone spurs, there is usually spinal osteoarthritis and the other complications that go along with it, such as spinal joint pain. If your pain stems from irritated medial branch nerves – the nerves that provide sensation to the facet joints in your spine – a more targeted treatment like facet joint injections may be helpful. These injections deliver steroids and an anesthetic directly to the joint to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

If surgery becomes an option

Your physician may suggest surgical bone spur treatment if several weeks or months of conservative treatment methods fail to relieve your symptoms. If you are considering surgery to remove bone spurs from your neck or back, consider the minimally invasive procedures offered at Laser Spine Institute. As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, our orthopedic specialists perform more procedures each month than any other spine surgery center in the nation. Contact Laser Spine Institute to find out if you’re a candidate for one of our procedures.