Recovery After Surgery for Spinal Bone Spurs: Things to Avoid

Successful recovery after outpatient surgery at Laser Spine Institute for the treatment of spinal bone spurs is contingent on a patient closely following the instructions that are given by our medical team. Specifically, there are some activities and other situations to avoid to help give yourself the best possible chance to fully heal and overcome your chronic symptoms. While recovery guidelines can vary slightly depending on the specific patient, the condition and other pertinent variables, in general, patients can expect to be instructed to take it easier for the first several weeks before slowly beginning a carefully regimented exercise routine.

Some helpful tips

While your Laser Spine Institute Care Team will be able to answer your specific questions about activities in your life that you should limit or avoid, here are some general tips that we give our patients for the weeks that follow a bone spur procedure:

  • Don’t allow your surgical dressing to get wet; you can certainly shower but don’t soak in a tub or use a pool for the first two weeks following surgery.
  • Avoid activities that increase your pain, no matter how benign your discomfort might seem.
  • Don’t drive for the first two weeks after surgery, and also avoid driving if you’re taking narcotic pain medication or muscle relaxants.
  • Abstain from sexual activity for the first two weeks after surgery and limit it during the first six weeks.
  • Avoid activities that apply weight to the spine like lifting, bending and twisting for the first six weeks.
  • Avoid becoming constipated when possible — your physician can give you tips to help prevent the problem from developing.
  • Limit staying in one position as much as possible, such as prolonged periods in front of a computer.

As you can probably tell, the unifying theme is that you should do what you can to avoid putting strain on your spine.

More information

To learn about specific activities and other circumstances you will need to avoid as you begin the recovery process after surgery for spinal bone spurs, contact Laser Spine Institute and speak with our highly knowledgeable staff. We’ll happily answer your questions and help you better prepare for your minimally invasive treatment.