Four questions that you should ask following your slipped disc surgery

You probably know how important it is to ask questions before slipped disc surgery, but what about after the procedure? During the recovery process, a number of concerns can arise, and it is extremely important to ask your physician or surgeon everything you need to know to help your body mend. Below, you’ll find a few questions to ask after your surgery.

Question No. 1: When should I check back in with you?

You’ll probably be scheduled for at least one follow-up appointment to see how you are healing after your slipped disc surgery, but you should also ask your physician or surgeon how frequently you’ll want to check in throughout the following weeks or months. You can use this time to discuss what complications might occur that would constitute the need for emergency intervention, such as signs of infection near the surgery site.

Question No. 2: How can I expect to recover in the short term and long term?

Although your surgeon probably already gave you an estimated timeframe for how long it would take you to recover from your slipped disc surgery, be sure to ask about it again afterwards in case anything changed during the procedure itself. Short term, you might be concerned with how quickly you can return to eating normal foods or when to start walking, and long term, you may be more concerned about when you’ll be able to drive safely, go to work and participate in other daily activities. This longer time frame may shift depending on how surgery went and how you begin to recover from it, so if you’re curious, ask.

Question No. 3: What should I avoid doing as I heal?

Mapping out what restrictions you’ll have following slipped disc surgery is vital because performing too strenuous of an activity may interfere with your healing process. Getting someone else to help you by moving heavy objects, fetching items stored in overhead cabinets and performing chores that might strain your neck or back may be a necessity, at least for the early part of your recovery.

Question No. 4: When should I see results?

As with any spine surgery, there is a chance that slipped disc surgery won’t be successful in that it might not provide the desired level of symptom relief. In order to know if your surgery has “worked,” you’ll need to monitor the status of the symptoms that led you to consider surgery in the first place — Have they gone away? Gotten better? Worsened? Of course, figuring that out while recovering from a surgery can be tough, given that you’ll likely have to contend with new (but temporary) discomfort at your incision site anyway. That’s why you should ask your surgeon or physician about when you can expect to notice results.

People can recover differently depending on the type of slipped disc surgery that they have. For example, Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive spine surgery requires no lengthy recovery.^ If you want to find out about our spine surgery options and see if you’re a candidate for our procedures, contact us today.