Recovery time after surgery for scoliosis

The recovery time required after scoliosis surgery will vary from patient to patient because there are several factors that affect the overall recovery time.

One factor affecting recovery time is the type of operation that was performed. For example, a traditional open spine fusion often requires a much longer recovery period than minimally invasive stabilization surgery at Laser Spine Institute. Patients with adult idiopathic or degenerative scoliosis who chose minimally invasive stabilization surgery will often be back to their normal lives and activities faster^ than patients who chose traditional fusion.

If you are still researching the benefits of our minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute, we encourage you to review what to expect after the two most common surgeries to treat adult scoliosis: lateral lumbar interbody fusion and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF).

What to expect after minimally invasive fusion surgery

The recovery time for scoliosis patients who undergo our minimally invasive stabilization (fusion) surgery typically falls in line with expected recovery periods for patients who have other conditions — such as degenerative disc disease or spinal arthritis — and undergo these minimally invasive fusion procedures.

While your surgeon will give you the definitive guideline for your recovery period, you can expect a few things regardless of your recovery process:

  • You may feel some mild soreness around the incision area for the first few days following surgery. This soreness should go away after a few days. Call your doctor or our SPINE LINE if it does not get better.
  • Your physical activity will be limited, but your surgeon will give you daily low-impact exercises and stretches that will help your spine heal. Regularly doing these activities is important for your spine to recover after surgery.
  • You will have access to medical professionals 24 hours a day through our SPINE LINE. These medical professionals can help answer your questions or concerns during your recovery period.

It is extremely important to follow the directions you’ll receive from your surgeon, nurses and physical therapist in order to have a healthy and safe recovery. Contact your physician immediately if you are experiencing pain or a negative shift in your recovery.