How to ease sciatica pain when seated

Sciatica is a series of symptoms that includes pain, cramps, weakness, tingling and numbness in the lower back and down through one or both of the legs. These symptoms can make certain basic tasks like sitting in a chair or walking up a set of stairs nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conservative treatment options you can explore that may be able to help you find the relief you need.

Ways to help with sciatica pain when seated

If your sciatica pain increases when seated at a desk or in a car, you may find the following options helpful for easing your symptoms.

  • Standing up from time to time. Taking breaks from sitting can help you improve circulation and stretch your muscles. If you work in an office or are otherwise required to sit for extended periods of time, you may want to see if a standing desk is an option.
  • Adding some lumbar support. Many individuals have poor posture when seated, which can increase sciatica symptoms. You may want to invest in a chair that has lumbar support or use a back brace that can help ensure you are practicing good posture while seated.
  • Applying a heat pack. Heat therapy can help increase circulation and relax tight muscles, even when you’re not able to get up and move around. You can easily apply a heat pack while seated to help with your sciatica symptoms.

If your symptoms persist or worsen

While many individuals are able to effectively manage their sciatica using a combination of conservative approaches, some may experience more severe symptoms that persist or worsen over time. If you are unable to find adequate relief after several weeks or months, you may need to consider surgery as your next step.

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