Ruptured Disc Alternative Treatments – Yoga

If you’re dealing with the symptoms of a ruptured disc — pain, weakness, tingling, numbness, etc. — you may have looked into alternative treatments that can be a great first step before considering an elective surgery. Many people swear by alternative treatment options as an effective way to manage the pain associated with a ruptured disc.

What is a ruptured disc?

Before discussing treatment options, it is good to understand exactly what the condition is. A ruptured disc — also commonly known as a herniated or slipped disc — occurs when the soft, inner material of an intervertebral disc bursts through the thicker outer wall and leaks into the spinal canal. While this condition by itself doesn’t usually result in any symptoms, when disc tissue impinges on a nearby spinal nerve root, the resulting nerve compression can cause pain and other symptoms.

Yoga as a treatment option

One very common alternative treatment for a ruptured disc is yoga. While you should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program — especially any exercise-related treatment — this option is often a great way to improve flexibility and reduce pain in your neck and back. Learning yoga under the guidance of a trained expert can help you strengthen muscles, lose weight, reduce stress and improve support for your spine, all of which can help combat the negative effects of a ruptured disc. Again, always speak with your physician beforehand.


If exercises like yoga, low-impact aerobics and physical therapy simply haven’t delivered the results you’re looking for in reducing your neck and back pain, contact Laser Spine Institute today. Our surgeons perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures that are an effective alternative to traditional open spine surgery and can help you find meaningful relief from neck and back pain.