Three signs you may need pinched nerve surgery

The idea of pinched nerve surgery can seem daunting, especially if you have just been diagnosed with a pinched nerve due to a degenerative spine condition. However, many patients are able to find pain relief through several weeks and months of conservative treatment for various spine conditions, avoiding the need for pinched nerve surgery altogether.

Your doctor will recommend a series of conservative treatments based on your specific condition and medical history, as well as your current lifestyle. Throughout your conservative treatment process, keep an eye out for these three signs that you may need pinched nerve surgery to find pain relief.

  1. Your pain isn’t getting better. Most people can feel a significant decrease in their pain and symptoms after just a few months of conservative treatment. If you have been following your treatment plan and your pain isn’t getting any better, you may need pinched nerve surgery to fix the damage in your spine.
  2. You are losing feeling in your fingers or toes. The nerves near your spine send sensory signals between your spine, brain and extremities. A severely pinched nerve could cause tingling and numbness to develop in the associated limb because the nerve is unable to send signals to that location due to its compression. While this symptom can sometimes be treated with conservative methods, it could also be an indication that pinched nerve surgery is needed, especially if this symptom appears after conservative treatment has already started.
  3. Your symptoms are actually getting worse. If your symptoms simply are not getting better after a few weeks of conservative treatment, it could just be an indication that you need more time for the treatments to be effective. However, if your symptoms are worsening despite conservative treatment, it may be an indication that you need pinched nerve surgery.

If you are recommended for pinched nerve surgery, research the minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute as an alternative to traditional open neck and back surgery. Our procedures are performed through a less than 1-inch incision, allowing our patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time^ and lower risk of complication compared to traditional open spine surgery.

Contact us today to find out if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive pinched nerve surgery and other procedures. We will provide you with a no-cost MRI review* and help you find out if one of these procedures is right for you.

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