Ten postoperative tips to help you recover from pinched nerve surgery

A pinched nerve can prevent the nerves from functioning correctly, resulting in pain, tingling, numbness and weakness at the site of compression. If conservative treatments have not been successful in relieving your symptoms and a free MRI review* from Laser Spine Institute has confirmed that you are a candidate for our pinched nerve surgery, it is important to prepare yourself so you have the best shot at a speedy recovery. That is why we have outlined 10 tips that can aid you in your recovery process, allowing you to quickly get back to the activities that you have been missing out on.

Guide to pinched nerve surgery recovery

After undergoing a minimally invasive pinched nerve surgery at Laser Spine Institute, the following tips can help you on your road to recovery:

  1. Make sure that someone can help you with your daily tasks
  2. Keep your incision site dry and clean for the first two weeks after surgery
  3. Schedule an appointment with Laser Spine Institute or your doctor to check your incision two weeks after your surgery date
  4. Take pain medication and muscle relaxers as directed
  5. Take two to three walks for five to 10 minutes for the first three days after surgery
  6. Avoid bending, lifting, carrying or twisting for up to six weeks after surgery
  7. Do not stay in one position for a long period of time
  8. Ice your spine for 20 minutes with the ice on and two hours with the ice off, repeating three to four times daily
  9. Listen to your body and stop any activity or exercise that hurts
  10. Watch the videos on Spine-Exercises.com to learn about exercises that can assist in your recovery

Learn more about our pinched nerve surgery recovery process

Our procedures offer a shorter recovery process compared to traditional open spine surgery, allowing our patients to be up and walking within a few hours of surgery.^ In fact, 81 percent of our patients have reported that they returned to work within just three months after surgery.^ For more information on our pinched nerve surgery as well as advice for recovery, contact the dedicated team at Laser Spine Institute today. We are eager to help you recapture your quality of life from chronic pain and discomfort.

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