Laser Spine Institute treatment options for a pinched nerve

When you’re investigating your options for spinal pinched nerve treatment, consider the procedures offered by Laser Spine Institute. Surgery is the last resort for treating pinched nerves; in most cases, conservative treatments such as completing physical therapy, taking medication or adhering to an exercise routine can manage the symptoms. If you’re one of the rare patients who hasn’t found relief through these methods within a few weeks or months, Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive spine surgeries might become an option.

Pinched nerves in the neck or back are generally caused by an out-of-place spinal component, and the appropriate type of surgery for you depends on which part of your spine is affected.


A laminotomy involves the removal of part of the bony roof of a vertebra. This gives the components of the spine – such as the spinal cord – more space, and it can eliminate troublesome impingement on a nerve. At Laser Spine Institute, this minimally invasive procedure is performed when bone spurs or herniated or bulging discs place pressure on neighboring nerves.


A foraminotomy involves the widening of a foramen (or opening) in between two vertebrae. The procedure is designed to “clean out” the canal through which nerve roots pass from the spinal cord to innervate the rest of the body. Sometimes, these passages can become narrower (a condition called foraminal stenosis), which can lead to a pinched nerve. By eliminating any extraneous tissue, our surgeons can relieve the pinched nerve symptoms.

Discectomy and spinal fusion

A discectomy is the process by which our surgeons remove part of a bulging or herniated disc. Sometimes, these discs pinch surrounding nerves, so taking a small piece of the disc out can put an end to the associated symptoms. In more severe cases that require the removal of the entire disc, the procedure is coupled with a minimally invasive stabilization surgery to grow two vertebrae together and close the gap left by the removed disc.

To learn more about the procedures offered by Laser Spine Institute, and to receive a review of your MRI report or CT scan, contact us today.

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