Pinched nerve causes

Pinched nerve causes can stem from a variety of factors. Laser Spine Institute can help you know the differences.

A pinched nerve in the spine is typically caused when surrounding tissues are putting pressure on the nerve. These tissues could consist of surrounding bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons or any other tissues that are inflamed or that have otherwise invaded the nerve’s space. As a result, the nerve’s signals can be both interrupted and amplified, manifesting as tingling, numbness, muscle spasms or shooting pains that travel from the location of the pinched nerve to other areas of the body.

There are many conditions of the neck and back that can result in nerve impingement. Examples of specific pinched nerve causes in the spine include:

Several factors can increase a person’s chances of pinching a spinal nerve. For example, individuals who are obese carry excess weight that puts added pressure on the spine, and this can accelerate the weakening of the spine’s discs, which occurs naturally during the aging process. Displaced intervertebral disc tissue is a common cause of pinched nerves. As spinal degeneration, which leads to pinched nerves, can also be caused by repetitive movements, someone with a profession that requires frequent, repetitive motions may also be at risk.

Pinched nerve treatment can vary depending on the underlying condition. Once your physician has confirmed that a pinched nerve is causing your symptoms, he or she may recommend special exercises, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications or corticosteroid injections to minimize the effects of a pinched nerve.

If you have tried these treatments for a few months and you are not experiencing relief of your symptoms, your physician might suggest the possibility of pinched nerve surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to remove any tissue in the spinal column that is impinging on the affected nerve(s), providing you with a more permanent form of relief. Whereas traditional open spine surgeries might require checking into a hospital for several days, Laser Spine Institute specializes in minimally invasive outpatient procedures. Using the most advanced technologies available, the surgeons at Laser Spine Institute can release your pinched nerves in as little as an hour, allowing you to leave the facility within a couple hours and return the next day for a checkup. For more information about our outpatient treatment of underlying pinched nerve causes, and to receive a review of your MRI or CT scan, contact us today.

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