Orthopedic hospital or outpatient center?

If you are currently searching for an orthopedic hospital that fits your needs, it’s probably because chronic neck or back pain is seriously affecting your life. If you are exploring options for spine surgery after exhausting conservative treatment options, it’s important to understand the differences between facilities where procedures can be performed.

An orthopedic hospital may be a traditional hospital with a reputation in the field of orthopedics or in some cases it can be a smaller, inpatient facility that specializes in orthopedic procedures. There are also outpatient facilities, including Laser Spine Institute, specializing in orthopedic procedures that offer benefits when compared to a traditional hospital-based surgery.

Below are a few ways to differentiate between orthopedic hospitals and outpatient facilities so that finding the right orthopedic clinic can be a less stressful process, helping you get back to the life you’ve been missing.


An orthopedic hospital may include:

  • A range of sub-specialty physicians – The orthopedic physicians will not only focus on orthopedic spine conditions but they may also specialize in sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, joint orthopedics or orthopedic oncology.
  • Inpatient facilities – The majority of spine operations performed at the orthopedic hospital will require patients to be hospitalized for several days after their surgery because most spine procedures will be traditional, open back operations.

Orthopedic clinics

An orthopedic outpatient facility may include:

  • A highly specialized staff – Often, these facilities focus on only one type of orthopedic medicine. For instance, Laser Spine Institute focuses on conditions affecting the spine. Patients have access to more orthopedic physicians with expertise in their particular condition.
  • Outpatient facilities – Because the procedures performed at an outpatient facility are minimally invasive, patients can enjoy a shorter recovery time^ and less risk of complication compared to a hospital-based procedure.

Laser Spine Institute

If you feel that an outpatient facility, as opposed to an orthopedic hospital, would better fit your needs, reach out to Laser Spine Institute. Our minimally invasive spine surgery uses a less than 1-inch incision to access the spine, sparing muscles and allowing patients to enjoy an outpatient experience. At our state-of-the-art surgery centers, we strive to deliver patient-centered care to every person who walks through our doors looking for relief.

Contact us today for a no-cost review of your MRI or CT scan* to determine if you may be a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery.