What is an orthopedic group practice?

If you’re someone who is searching for an orthopedic institute to treat your neck or back pain, you may find it beneficial to look into an orthopedic group practice. The decision to undergo spine surgery is an important one and the type of facility where the surgery is performed can be a contributing factor to you getting the right treatment. And, because there are so many differences between facilities, whether it’s a hospital or a specialized orthopedic center, it’s important to understand all of your choices before you make a surgical decision.

Group practice

An orthopedic group practice is multiple physicians who have come together to form a private orthopedic clinic. At one of these clinics, the physicians not only share a space and medical equipment, they can also combine medical expertise and diagnostic capabilities to ensure that their patients have the best care possible.

A group practice may involve several medical specialties, or it may simply focus on one field of medicine. For instance, an orthopedic institution may have a variety of spine orthopedic physicians, or they may have pediatric orthopedists, knee orthopedists and sports medicine orthopedists.

The benefits of an orthopedic group practice

Here are some of the benefits you may experience by choosing an orthopedic group practice:

  • Group practice allows patients to get feedback from a variety of specialists without having to visit multiple hospitals or practices for diagnostic information. For instance, if you are dealing with a pinched nerve caused by an arthritic bone spur in the spine, it is important that you have access to physicians that can address each aspect of your condition.
  • On-site equipment, lab facilities, medical imaging technology, surgical space and multi-specialty physicians are all features of an orthopedic group practice and can provide patients with more convenience than many traditional medical hospitals.
  • Group practice also allows for greater physician specialization. Because several experts are concentrating on one area of medicine, such as orthopedics, it’s possible for one physician to develop his or her skills with herniated discs, while another doctor may have the time and resources to develop his expertise of facet disease.
  • The orthopedic physicians in a group practice setting take a more complete approach to your treatment, from your initial medical evaluation to your post-surgical physical therapy. Patients are able to have the advantage of a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan.

Laser Spine Institute treatment

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