Orthopedic physicians

Orthopedic physicians are highly trained specialists in the field of musculoskeletal medicine, which treats conditions affecting the bones, muscles and joints. The spine is one part of the musculoskeletal system that is particularly prone to injury and age-related deterioration because of the way it is constructed. The vertebrae, joints and discs that protect the spinal cord must be strong enough to support the upper body while remaining flexible enough for basic movement. The amount of pressure and friction these moving parts have to undergo make them susceptible to disc problems and arthritis.

If you are suffering from a condition affecting the spine, getting the relief you need may require the expertise of an orthopedic physician. One quality that the best orthopedic physicians have is understanding that patients have varying levels of knowledge about conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis. They also understand that patients may not be aware of the details of orthopedic surgical procedures, so a good surgeon should be open to answering all of your inquiries.

Questions to ask your physician

It is important to ask your potential orthopedic physician questions. Surgery is usually considered a last-resort option, only explored when conservative treatments have been exhausted without bringing lasting relief. This is because traditional open spine surgery is invasive and comes with many risks and difficulties that can come with it. Making the right surgical decision starts with finding an orthopedic physician at a reputable institute. Your orthopedic physician should be knowledgeable while always encouraging questions like:

  • What is the surgical outcome with this procedure?
  • How many times have you performed this procedure?
  • Are there patient references for the orthopedic physicians?
  • Do you have a videotape of this spine operation?
  • What are the risks both during and after surgery?
  • Can you give me an estimated recovery time?
  • How soon after this neck or back operation can I return home?
  • What will postsurgical rehabilitation entail?
  • How often will I need to come in for follow-up visits after the surgery?
  • Should I do anything to prepare for my surgery?

Laser Spine Institute

Our team of orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons at Laser Spine Institute is happy to answer all of your questions and is just one of the ways we are committed to patient-centered care. We also put our patients first by the way we perform our procedures. Our minimally invasive spine surgery involves a less than 1-inch incision to avoid unnecessary muscle disruption and allow our patients to get back to their lives sooner than with traditional open spine surgery.

To learn more, contact us today for a no-cost MRI review* to see if you may be a candidate for our minimally invasive spine procedures.