Orthopedic doctor

An orthopedic doctor specializes in ailments in the musculoskeletal system. This type of medicine can be divided into several sub-specialties. For instance, an orthopedic doctor may specialize in pediatrics, oncology, sports medicine or joint reconstruction. Additionally, an orthopedist can choose to undergo training in musculoskeletal conditions of the hands, shoulders, elbows, feet, ankles, and spine. In order to properly choose an orthopedic doctor, you should be completely familiar with your condition and all the types of orthopedic doctors available to you.

Important symptoms

If you are experiencing signs of intervertebral disc pain or facet joint pain — including traveling pain, numbness, stiffness, and tingling, among other symptoms — and your primary care physician has diagnosed you with a condition such as a herniated disc, a bulging disc, spinal stenosis, facet disease or a degenerative spine condition, it may be time to see a specialist, such as an orthopedic doctor.


Aside from an orthopedic doctor, however, there are other types of specialists that you may consider for your neck and back pain, including the following:

  • Neurologist
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Rheumatologist
  • Chiropractor
  • Osteopathic physician
  • Physiatrist

Treatment options

Regardless of whether you see an orthopedic doctor or another type of medical specialist, you should always consider a course of non-invasive treatment before you undergo a spine operation. This conservative rehabilitation may include mild exercise, acupuncture, pain medication, steroid injections and physical therapy.

If these remedies prove ineffective, consider visiting the orthopedic clinic at Laser Spine Institute. We specialize in minimally invasive procedures that allow for shorter recovery periods^ and far less risk than traditional open back surgery. Contact us for a review of your MRI or CT scan and take the first step to rediscovering a life without pain.