Neuralgia Treatments

Neuralgia Treatments

If you suffer from neuralgia, there are a number of treatments available that might be able to provide you with the pain relief you require – ranging from noninvasive physical therapy to massively invasive open spine surgery. To determine which techniques provide you with the best chance for overcoming your neuralgia, it is important that you first visit your physician to accurately identify the source of your symptoms.

Various options

Neuralgia is a term that is used to describe pain that seems to travel the length of a nerve. It can be caused by something as simple as a minor muscle strain or tweak, or it may be traced to a more serious degenerative spine condition in your back or neck. To confidently identify the cause of your neuralgia and learn which treatments offer you the best chance for pain relief, visit your physician. In almost all instances, your physician will work with you to first devise a conservative treatment plan that is comprised of nonsurgical techniques that are designed to manage your neuralgia pain and decompress the affected nerve. Some common conservative treatments include:

Spine surgery

Occasionally, an individual’s neuralgia will persist through several weeks of nonsurgical treatment, in which case spine surgery may be considered. Rather than consent to an invasive open spine surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute to learn about outpatient minimally invasive procedures. Our effective minimally invasive neuralgia treatments have helped tens of thousands with a 90% satisfaction rate.