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Nerve pain can potentially be severe enough that it impacts your daily life, making it nearly unbearable to enjoy your normal, healthy, active lifestyle. Regardless of the cause of your nerve pain, whether it’s a bulging disc or a bone spur, your primary concern should be how to treat it, and how to get back to normal activities.

At Laser Spine Institute, we’re dedicated to not only treating your nerve pain but also providing helpful information about the causes, symptoms and prevention of this condition as well. If you or a loved one are suffering from nerve pain, and you would like to learn more about our minimally invasive outpatient procedures, please reach out to us today to speak to one of our Spine Care Consultants.

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Here’s a list of some of our most popular nerve pain articles:

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If your physician has recommended you for surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery is an alternative that offers many advantages compared to traditional open spine surgery. Our surgeons utilize small incisions and micro-instruments to decompress spinal nerves without the increased risks of infection and complication associated with traditional open spine surgery.

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