Treatment for bone spurs in the neck

Bone spurs in the neck usually develop as a result of spinal arthritis, growing off the vertebrae as an attempt to stabilize worn joints. While not painful themselves, bone spurs can cause pain and limit motor function if they compress nervous tissue.

Getting treatment for bone spurs in the neck is important if these symptoms are affecting your ability to do basic activities like yard work or grocery shopping. Patient education is an important first step and knowing about the full range of treatment options available can help you and your physician develop a plan that can get you back to the life you’ve been missing.

Conservative treatment for bone spurs

Bone spurs in the cervical (upper) spine can constrict the already tight spaces that the nerves travel through. This narrowing, called stenosis, compresses the spinal cord or exiting nerve roots and can cause local or radiating pain, tingling, numbness or muscle weakness in the neck, shoulders and arms.

Upon diagnosis, most physicians prescribe conservative, or nonsurgical, treatment for bone spurs in the neck. Common methods include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medication
  • Exercise
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Lifestyle changes like posture correction, exercise and weight loss

While many patients are able to find acceptable relief and return to normal activity through conservative symptom management, surgery can be considered when weeks and months go by without improvement.

Surgical treatment for bone spurs in the neck

Traditional open spine surgery for bone spurs requires a large incision which severs important muscles and connective tissues. After the surgeon removes enough of the excess bone growth to decompress the affected nerve, patients will usually require an overnight hospital stay followed by a lengthy recovery period for the incision to heal fully.

Laser Spine Institute offers an alternative. We perform minimally invasive outpatient surgery that can help you find relief from the pain of bone spurs in the neck. Treatment at Laser Spine Institute involves a far shorter recuperation^ with less scarring than traditional open neck surgery.

To see if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures, contact Laser Spine Institute for a no-cost MRI review.*