Minimally invasive spondylolisthesis procedure

A minimally invasive stabilization (MIS) procedure at Laser Spine Institute could help relieve the symptoms of spondylolisthesis such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the lower extremities caused by spinal cord or nerve root compression. However, before consenting to any surgical procedure, it’s important for patients to first thoroughly understand their condition.

What is spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis is a spine condition that occurs when one vertebra, typically in the lower back (lumbar spine), slips forward past the vertebra below it. The degree of vertebral slippage, as it relates to the rest of the spine, is determined by the Meyerding grading system, in which grade 1 designates a slippage of 1 to 25 percent and grade 4 designates a slippage of 76 to 99 percent. Though a grade 5 technically doesn’t exist, 100 percent dislocation, called spondyloptosis, is possible.

Symptoms arising from low-grade slippage can often be treated by nonsurgical means such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotic pain medication. In cases of high-grade slippage, a traditional open spinal fusion procedure may be recommended to bolster the structural strength of the spine. This highly invasive surgery requires hospitalization, large incisions and muscle disruption. It typically results in a lengthy and arduous recovery period.

Advantages of minimally invasive stabilization procedures

Some patients with spondylolisthesis may be candidates for a minimally invasive fusion procedure at Laser Spine Institute. These outpatient procedures are performed through a small incision, sparing the muscles from being cut or torn. The surgeon removes the disc and inserts an implant and bone to provide immediate stability and relief from pain. This allows the disc space to fuse. Additional implants may be necessary to further stabilize the spine. Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures offer many advantages.

Advantages of Laser Spine Institute's minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • No lengthy recovery^
  • Patient satisfaction score of 98^
  • Board-certified surgeons+
  • Less than 1-inch incision
  • Outpatient procedure
  • 98 out of 100 patient recommendation rate^

At Laser Spine Institute, we offer several minimally invasive fusion procedure options for spondylolisthesis patients who are deemed suitable candidates for the procedure. Guided by the state-of-the-art technology, our expert surgeons have had tens of thousands of positive outcomes from Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures.

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