Minimally invasive stabilization

Minimally invasive stabilization performed at Laser Spine Institute is an outpatient alternative to a traditional spinal fusion performed in a hospital. The goal of both surgical procedures is to stabilize the spine in cases where decompressing a spinal nerve requires the removal of a large amount of tissue. For example, a severely damaged herniated disc may need to be removed entirely, which involves implants to fuse the surrounding vertebrae together and provide stability to the disc space.

However, unlike traditional open neck or back fusions, our board-certified surgeons+ are able to accomplish this with a smaller, muscle-sparing incision. If you have been recommended for a traditional spinal fusion but have anxieties about the risk of complication and long recovery time involved, you should explore all options. Learning about our minimally invasive stabilization procedures can help you make a more informed treatment decision with a better chance to return to a full, active life.

What are the advantages of minimally invasive stabilization?

In addition to being an outpatient procedure, minimally invasive stabilization at Laser Spine Institute offers the following advantages compared to traditional open spinal fusion surgeries:

  • Our patients face lower risk of complications such as infection and scarring
  • Muscle-sparing incision helps lead to a shorter recovery period^ for our patients
  • Our patients avoid hospital-associated costs

Our surgical team and support staff are dedicated to providing patient-centered care — and it shows with our patient satisfaction score of 98.^ We always take the time to explain your procedure thoroughly, make eye contact and ensure your comfort at every stage of your experience.

Find out if you’re a candidate

Surgery is usually explored when weeks or months of conservative treatments do not bring the relief necessary to return to normal, comfortable activity. If you’ve been advised to undergo traditional open spinal fusion surgery to relieve your pain and discomfort, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive stabilization surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

Reach out to our dedicated team of Spine Care Consultants today to receive a no-cost MRI review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for our minimally invasive spine procedures.