Herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP)

Herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) is a degenerative spine condition that can result in nerve compression and neck or back pain. When one of the soft, spongy intervertebral discs that cushion the spine becomes worn, the disc may bulge or rupture, causing the gel-like disc material to extrude into the spinal column. In the event that the disc or disc material comes into contact with the spinal cord or one of the nearby nerve roots, a number of painful symptoms can follow.

At Laser Spine Institute, we understand it can be overwhelming dealing with neck and back pain. You’re eager to find meaningful pain relief and don’t want to waste precious time bouncing from one place to another looking for the information you need. That’s why we’ve compiled a catalog of helpful articles about HNP, its causes, symptoms, treatments and other important information we think is helpful for our patients to know.

More information about HNP

In many cases, patients experiencing HNP will find pain relief from a steady course of conservative, non-surgical treatments like pain medication, exercise, heat therapy and rest. However, if your pain persists through several weeks of treatment, contact Laser Spine Institute to learn how one of our minimally invasive, outpatient procedures might be just the thing you need to help you find relief from neck and back pain. Call today for more information on HNP and for your MRI or CT scan review.

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