More information about foraminal narrowing

Foraminal narrowing is a spinal condition that describes the narrowing of the foraminal canals — the thin passageways on either side of a vertebra that allow nerve roots to exit into the spinal canal.

Many times, foraminal narrowing can develop as the result of another spine condition, such as a herniated disc or bone spur. When a spine condition, like a bulging disc, develops near a vertebra, it can press into the foraminal canal, limiting the free space where the nerve roots travel into the spinal canal. As the foraminal narrowing continues, the risk of a nerve becoming pinched or compressed within the canal increases.

Nerve compression caused by foraminal narrowing can lead to a series of painful symptoms that can alter your everyday activities. If you’re currently experiencing these symptoms and you’ve already been diagnosed with foraminal narrowing, it is important you research your condition and the treatment options available to you. Take a moment to read through our most popular articles concerning foraminal narrowing below:

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