Disc replacement surgery recovery

When you undergo open spine disc replacement surgery, recovery is an extremely important step in the treatment process. While many patients put a lot of focus on preparing for their surgery, they sometimes forget that taking care of themselves after surgery is just as important as the procedure itself.

Recovery steps for disc replacement surgery

After your open back disc replacement surgery, you will need to remain in the hospital for several days. In many cases, a physical therapist will visit you during your hospital stay to make sure you are able to walk and move properly. He or she can also show you recommended exercises to do at home to help speed along your recovery.

When you are cleared to return home after traditional open back disc replacement surgery, the steps you take in the following weeks are critical to your recovery. Following your postsurgical instructions carefully will increase the likelihood that you achieve lasting pain relief. Most care plans will include the following steps:

• Avoiding smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol
• Keeping the incision clean and dry
• Returning to the hospital for follow-up imagery to make sure everything is healing correctly
• Following your physical therapy routine
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including daily exercise and a nutritious diet

Alternatives to traditional disc replacement surgery

Full disc replacement and spinal fusion surgery is one options for finding pain relief from many spine conditions, but it has traditionally required large incisions that lead to a long recovery period.

However, there is a minimally invasive alternative that can dramatically reduce disc replacement surgery recovery time. The highly skilled team of surgeons at Laser Spine Institute can perform minimally invasive stabilization surgeries using smaller, muscle-sparing incisions that lead to a shorter recovery time than traditional procedures. Contact us today to see if you are a potential candidate by receiving a no-cost MRI review*.