Spinal disc replacement surgery

Spinal disc replacement surgery is often used as a last resort treatment method for a degenerative disc disease that is not responding to any conservative treatments.

Degenerative disc disease, often a herniated disc or bulging disc, can cause debilitating pain when the damaged disc presses against a nerve root in the spinal canal. While conservative treatments aim to remove the pressure from the nerve root, sometimes only surgical intervention can alleviate the pain and realign the spine properly.

However, there are several surgical methods to remove the damaged disc and stabilize the spine. Traditional spinal fusion sometimes fuses together the two vertebrae on either side of the damaged disc using a small metal cage and bolts. Minimally invasive discectomy and stabilization at Laser Spine Institute uses a disc replacement surgery where the damaged disc is simply removed and replaced with an artificial disc.

The advantages of spinal disc replacement at Laser Spine Institute

Our approach to the spine is the biggest difference between the minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute and traditional open back surgery. We believe that spine surgery should be precise and minimally invasive, and we’ve used the latest in medical advancement to consistently provide spine treatment through a small incision. Our techniques allow our surgeons to avoid the muscles around the spine — a luxury not taken during traditional open back surgery that cuts and tears the muscles and ligaments.

Once the spine is reached, the damaged disc is removed through a procedure called a minimally invasive discectomy. A stabilization procedure immediately follows, which inserts an artificial disc into the spine where the damaged disc used to rest. By removing the damaged disc, the pinched nerve root is released and the symptoms of pain and discomfort should begin to subside. The artificial disc will help the spine to maintain the proper alignment and spacing and allow for the natural movement, as opposed to the metal cage fusion used during traditional discectomy and fusion.

To learn more about how the minimally invasive disc replacement surgery at Laser Spine Institute can help you find relief from a damaged disc in your spine, contact our spine care experts today. We can review your MRI report or CT scan and help guide you on your journey to find pain relief.