Micro disc surgery

Micro disc surgery, which is also known as microdiscectomy, is a procedure that has been developed as an alternative to traditional open back surgery. Used to treat severe neck and back pain, micro disc surgery is typically seen as a last resort for individuals who have not responded to a period of conservative, nonsurgical treatments. In this case, when a herniated or bulging disc has compressed a nerve root and is causing chronic pain, a microdiscectomy surgery may be the best treatment option available.

At Laser Spine Institute, we do not take the decision to undergo spine surgery lightly. We understand that this decision probably came with several weeks of careful thought and even some fear, and we want you to know that you may be able to avoid some of the unnecessary risks involved with traditional open back surgery. We want our patients to feel confident about the treatment they are receiving, which is why our minimally invasive surgery offers safer treatment options than traditional open back surgery.

Minimally invasive microdiscectomy procedure

The purpose of disc surgery is to release the pressure on a nerve root due to a herniated disc, bulging disc or otherwise damaged disc.

To accomplish nerve decompression, spine surgeons have historically performed a traditional open spine fusion, wherein the damaged disc is removed and the vertebrae are fused together. More recently, disc replacement surgery has become a viable option, in which the surgeon replaces the damaged disc with an artificial disc. However, both of these procedures, when performed as traditional open spine procedures, are massively intrusive and require lengthy recovery and rehabilitation.

In contrast, micro disc surgery from Laser Spine Institute is much less invasive and is more precise than open spine fusion or open back disc replacement surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a laser to remove the portion of the symptomatic disc that is causing the nerve compression, allowing for unmatched precision and accuracy and minimal disruption of the areas surrounding the spine.

Micro disc surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means shorter rehabilitation time and less postoperative recovery^ than traditional open spine surgery. To learn more about micro disc procedures and other minimally invasive spine procedures, and for your MRI or CT scan review, contact Laser Spine Institute today.