Disc degeneration surgery

If you have been recommended surgery to help treat your disc degeneration, you may have several surgical options depending on the type of degenerative disc disease you have.

For example, a degenerative disc is a spinal disc that has worn down due to the natural aging and weakening of the spine. This can take the form of a bulging disc, herniated disc or collapsed disc, as well as other variations of a damaged disc. Your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis of your damaged disc and recommend which type of disc degeneration surgery will best fit your needs.

What is a disc degeneration surgery?

The most common form of disc degeneration surgery is called a discectomy. This type of procedure is used to relieve pressure from the damaged disc on the nearby nerve root. While most people think the damaged disc is the cause of the pain and symptoms, it is actually caused by a pinched nerve. Once the pressure is released from the nerve root, the symptoms should alleviate.

Disc degeneration surgery can be performed through two main methods: traditional open neck or back surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. While all surgeries have potential risks and benefits, minimally invasive spine surgery holds many advantages over open spine surgery.

What are the benefits of a minimally invasive disc degeneration surgery?

The minimally invasive disc degeneration surgery at Laser Spine Institute offers many benefits over traditional open neck or back surgery, such as:

  • Shorter recovery time^
  • Lower risk of infection and complication than traditional open spine surgery
  • Less than 1-inch incision
  • Outpatient procedures
  • 98 patient satisfaction score^

Our minimally invasive discectomy and other procedures are performed through a smaller incision than what is used during traditional open neck or back surgery. This smaller incision helps our patients avoid the unnecessary tearing of surrounding muscles and disruption of the space around the spine.

To learn more about the benefits of our minimally invasive spine surgery and to find out if you are a candidate, contact Laser Spine Institute today for a no-cost MRI review* to help determine the treatment options available to you.