Bulging disc surgery

Bulging disc surgery is often used as a last resort treatment for patients who have not found pain relief through conservative methods of treatment for their bulging disc pain and symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc — a disc that has extended beyond the normal alignment of the spine — and you have exhausted all nonsurgical options, you may find yourself facing a decision about bulging disc surgery. At Laser Spine Institute, we understand that this decision is not to be taken lightly. In fact, we encourage our patients to research and ask questions about the treatments available to them in hopes that there may be a less risky alternative option.

One of these alternative surgery options is the minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute. Our minimally invasive discectomy and stabilization is a safer and effective way to treat a bulging disc than traditional open back surgery and fusion.

Minimally invasive discectomy and stabilization for a bulging disc

Unlike traditional open back surgery that requires the muscles near the spine to be cut, torn and detached altogether, our minimally invasive techniques are able to access the spine through a small incision without moving the surrounding muscles. This allows our patients to experience a decreased risk of infection, excessive blood loss and postoperative complications — risks that patients who undergo traditional open back surgery are more susceptible to.

Once the spine is accessed, our surgeons will remove a small portion of the damaged disc. This will both relieve tension on the pinched nerve root that is causing the pain and also maintain the stability of the spine. For patients with a severely bulging disc, our surgeons will remove the entire disc and replace it with an artificial disc implant through our minimally invasive stabilization surgery. This artificial disc will add stability to the spine while still allowing for a full range of motion after surgery, unlike traditional open back fusion that permanently attaches two or more vertebrae with a metal cage and screws.

Some of the advantages of minimally invasive surgery at Laser Spine Institute include:

  • 96 patient satisfaction score^
  • Less than a 1-inch incision
  • Shorter recovery time^
  • No hospitalization required

Minimally invasive spine surgery is the better option for bulging disc surgery, and Laser Spine Institute is the leader in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. Contact our spine care team now to review your MRI or CT scan and find out if our minimally invasive procedures can help you find pain relief.