Spinal disc surgery

Spinal disc surgery is often recommended for individuals who have not been able to find relief from chronic neck and back pain through conservative treatment.

Many adults deal with the pain and symptoms associated with spine conditions like a herniated disc, bulging disc or degenerative disc disease. Often, the first step toward pain relief is to undergo a doctor-recommended series of nonsurgical treatment for several months. These treatments, like pain medication and physical therapy, are designed to relieve pressure on the damaged disc and block the pain signals that travel from the pinched nerve to the brain.

More nonsurgical treatments before spinal disc surgery

Some patients have reported relief from holistic treatments without the need for spinal disc surgery.

The term “holistic” refers to the practice of holism, which is a theory that the human body and mind should be treated as one unit — meaning that damage to one of part of the body can be treated by concentrating on the body as a whole, including the mind.

Approaches to holistic alternatives to spinal disc surgery can include some of the following treatment options:

  • Acupuncture — This is the use of needles applied to various energy sources in the body to try and bring balance, both physically and mentally.
  • Meditation — This is the use of controlled breathing to enter a state of deep relaxation; a consciousness apart from the body’s physical manifestations of pain.
  • Yoga — This is a practice of breathing and stretching that can increase strength, flexibility and help you deliver healing energy to the damaged part of your body.
  • Acupressure — This is similar to acupuncture, but pressure is applied to energy points, rather than needles.
  • Nutritional supplements — These are vitamins and minerals aimed at relieving pain and increasing the body’s overall health.
  • Chiropractic care — This is a focus on the nerve and musculoskeletal systems of the body; a popular choice for disc relief.

Although helpful to many, these holistic alternatives to spinal disc surgery may not prove effective for every patient. However, this doesn’t mean traditional open spine disc surgery is your only other choice. Minimally invasive spine surgery holds many advantages as an alternative to traditional open neck or back surgery.

Minimally invasive spinal disc surgery at Laser Spine Institute

The spinal disc surgery at Laser Spine Institute is performed as a minimally invasive procedure, meaning the incision is smaller and less invasive than what is used during traditional open neck or back surgery. This smaller incision allows patients to have a lower risk of complication and shorter recovery time^ comparatively.

If you are wondering if you’re a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures, contact us today for a no-cost MRI review.*