Disc pain relief

Disc pain relief is important when you are trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with an active schedule.

Sometimes, you may feel that resting and limiting your movements can be the answer, but too many people stop their activities because of disc pain. Although short periods of rest can sometimes bring temporary disc pain relief, too much rest can lead to weight gain, loss of endurance, reduced flexibility and weakened muscles — all of which can make actually make your disc pain worse.

Finding disc pain relief through conservative treatment

While you may consider disc surgery at some point, it is important for you to explore nonsurgical methods of disc pain relief first. Your doctor will likely recommend a series of conservative treatments that can help relieve pressure from the damaged disc in your spine that is causing your pain.

Exercise and other forms of physical therapy can bring disc pain relief while also increasing your overall quality of life — but only if the exercises are approved by your physician or physical therapist. In some cases, exercise can make disc pain worse, so never attempt a new exercise regimen without consulting a medical professional first.

Some common physical treatments to help you find disc pain relief include:

  • Stretching: Depending on where your damaged disc is located, gentle stretching in that region can help with overall flexibility. Stretching also can increase the space between vertebrae, which will ease pressure on damaged discs and nerves.
  • Low-impact cardio: Simple activities like walking and swimming can help build endurance and muscle strength. If the muscles that surround the spine are strengthened, then stress on the damaged disc will be lessened. Weight loss also can help with disc pain relief, though no diet or exercise regimen should ever be attempted without a physician’s approval.
  • Chiropractic care: This focuses completely on the musculoskeletal system in the body. Gentle chiropractic work increases circulation to the damaged areas and can help your discs heal faster.

If you have tried these conservative methods of disc pain relief and have not experienced lasting relief after several months, your doctor may recommend disc surgery.

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