Disc protrusion articles

Disc protrusions are common conditions that occur when one or more discs in the spine sag or bulge due to the natural aging process of the spine.

As the spine ages, increased pressure is often placed on the spine, causing the vertebrae to pinch and push against the discs in between them. Over time, a disc may become too compressed, causing it to flatten and expand under the pressure of the two surrounding vertebrae. This is called a bulging disc, or disc protrusion. While this condition itself does not cause pain or symptoms, a bulging or protruded disc can extend into the spinal canal and press against a nearby nerve root. When this happens, pain and symptoms occur.

At Laser Spine Institute, we believe in patient-centered care, which means all patients should have access to information about their spine condition in order to make a confident decision about the treatment options available to them. For this reason, we offer the following articles to help you learn more about disc protrusion and your next available steps for pain relief:

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