Disc pain articles

Back pain experienced by adults is commonly related to a damaged disc in the spine. Disc pain is often a result of degenerative disc disease, a product of the natural aging process that affects the whole body.

The discs in the spine cushion the vertebrae, allowing for smooth motion. However, due to continued stress and age-related loss of elasticity, these discs can begin to break down and become less able to support the spine. This leads to conditions that can be the source of disc pain that takes you away from the people and activities you love.

At Laser Spine Institute we believe a key part of treatment for disc pain is to educate patients about the possible causes of their pain as well as provide helpful tips and treatment options that are available.

Disc pain article collection

To help you understand more about the various causes of disc-related back pain, we have compiled a list of informative disc pain articles below:

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