Disc Extrusion Alternative Treatments

Disc Extrusion Alternative Treatments

If you have symptoms related to a disc extrusion, alternative treatments may be effective for managing your pain, numbness, weakness and/or tingling. These options are often first used as part of a conservative treatment plan for this condition, and can include massage, chiropractic treatment, yoga and others. But, before working with your physician to design a treatment plan, it helps to first understand this condition and why it is causing you pain.

What is a disc extrusion?

A disc extrusion, also known as a bulging disc, is a form of degenerative disc disease that occurs when a weakened intervertebral disc pushes beyond its normal boundaries. This takes place over time as part of the natural aging process, as discs lose water content and thin, weaken and become brittle. By itself, this condition is asymptomatic. However, when a disc extrudes into the spinal canal to the point that it places pressure on a nearby spinal nerve or the spinal cord, symptoms can arise.

Symptoms of an extruded disc

If a disc extrusion has caused neural compression, the symptoms can vary in severity and location, depending on the nerve being compressed and the extent of the compression. However, typical symptoms can include:

  • Localized pain
  • Pain that radiates the length of the nerve
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Tingling


Alternative treatments, as well as other conservative treatments like physical therapy, hot/cold therapy, pain medications and others, are usually very effective in managing the symptoms of an extruded disc. However, if you’ve failed to find relief after weeks or months of alternative or conservative treatments, contact Laser Spine Institute today. We perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures that are effective alternatives to open spine surgery.