Degenerative disc disease procedure

Degenerative disc disease describes a damaged disc due to the natural deterioration of the spine over time. While many patients with a degenerative disc disease can be treated effectively with conservative, nonsurgical treatments, some patients may require a surgical procedure to reduce the pain and symptoms of a damaged disc.

In the past, spinal fusion surgery was frequently prescribed for patients not responding to conservative treatments for degenerative disc disease. These treatments often included physical therapy and chiropractic care. When patients were recommended spinal fusion, there were only two options: traditional open back fusion or chronic pain.

Now, there is an alternative treatment option for traditional spinal fusion: minimally invasive stabilization surgery at Laser Spine Institute. This procedure offers a safer and effective treatment option and results in a higher patient satisfaction score and shorter recovery time^ than traditional open back surgery. Before committing to a surgical procedure for your degenerative disc disease, you should research the minimally invasive alternative at Laser Spine Institute.

The minimally invasive alternative at Laser Spine Institute

Over the past two decades, advances in the surgical use of minimally invasive technology have allowed many patients with chronic neck or back pain to avoid traditional open back surgery.

At Laser Spine Institute, our minimally invasive techniques allow the surgeon to access the spine without making large incisions or cutting the surrounding muscles and ligament. The same precautions are not taken during traditional open back fusion, which requires the muscles to not only be cut, but to be detached altogether so the surgeon can access the spine.

Patients with degenerative disc disease will often be recommended to undergo our minimally invasive discectomy procedure, which removes a small portion of the damaged disc without sacrificing the structure and strength of the spine. Once the piece of the damaged disc is removed, the pinched nerve will be released, which will relieve the pain and symptoms of the condition.
Sometimes, patients may be recommended to undergo our minimally invasive discectomy and stabilization procedure, which removes the damaged disc altogether and inserts a replacement, artificial disc to stabilize the spine.

Because of our minimally invasive approach to spine surgery, our patients have reported a satisfaction score of 98.^ Every procedure is performed in one of our world-class outpatient surgery centers across the country, allowing our patients to experience the best treatment in a culture of care and compassion.

For more information about how our minimally invasive spine surgery can treat your degenerative disc disease, contact Laser Spine Institute today and let our team review your MRI or CT scan.