Finding a spine surgery center with a good reputation

Spine surgery usually becomes an option for patients with neck and back pain who have exhausted conservative treatment options and are still experiencing a diminished quality of life. This is a big decision and can cause a lot of understandable anxiety as you compare providers and recommended procedures.

Before deciding to undergo spine surgery, you’ll want to carefully consider your options before choosing a spine surgery provider. You should feel comfortable with the reputation of both the surgeon performing the procedure as well as the overall practice. The following advice can help you make a more confident and informed decision about your care with the best chance of giving you lasting relief.

Researching the reputation of a spine center

Here are three key factors that can help you determine the overall reputation of a prospective spine surgery center:

  • The surgeons. Look at both the objective qualifications of the surgical staff in your area as well as trying to get a sense of their approach to care. These include the training received, the fellowships completed, the experience performing the available procedures, awards won and memberships in professional organizations. You should also make sure a prospective surgeon makes you comfortable on a personal level, including making eye contact and taking the time to answer your questions.
  • Patient satisfaction. Surgery centers should have testimonials available from actual patients who tell their stories. You can also independently research message boards and other websites to find a broader view of patient experiences. Additionally, ask the center if it reports its patient satisfaction.
  • The facility. A spine surgery center should be clean, well lit and have state-of-the-art equipment, which is an indication that the spine center stays current with the most advanced technology available. A comfortable waiting area for yourself, friends and family is also important and demonstrates a patient-centered approach to care.

The leader in minimally invasive spine procedures

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery and our team of board-certified surgeons+, along with our entire medical staff, is committed to patient-centered care. We are proud to report a patient satisfaction score of 96^ across our state-of-the-art outpatient spine surgery centers.

Contact Laser Spine Institute today for more information about the advantages of our minimally invasive spine surgery and our patient-centered care. Our dedicated team is happy to offer a no-cost MRI review* to determine if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures.