What to Avoid While Recovering from Collapsed Disc Surgery

Your recovery after collapsed disc surgery will depend heavily on the type of surgery that you have. When you turn to Laser Spine Institute for minimally invasive spine surgery, your recovery won’t require a lengthy stay in the hospital, unlike traditional, open spine approaches. That said, you will need time to recuperate after your surgery by resting and progressively reintroducing activity into your routine.

The recovery period after surgery

Throughout your recovery period, your physician or physical therapist will discuss an exercise schedule specific to your situation, and he or she will likely recommend against specific activities as you heal. Here are some of the most commonly suggested things to avoid:

  • Driving – You will likely be told not to drive for the first two weeks after your surgery. Remaining in any one position (like sitting in the driver’s seat) for an extended period of time is generally advised against. You may also be taking narcotic pain medications or muscle relaxers to make your recovery easier; these medications will also prohibit you from driving.
  • Sexual activity – You shouldn’t be bending or twisting your spine as you heal after your collapsed disc surgery, so you should abstain from sexual activity until your physician or physical therapist tells you that it’s safe.
  • Lifting – You should avoid lifting anything for the first one to two weeks after your surgery. Even once you’re cleared to lift lighter objects (10-15 pounds maximum), you’ll likely be advised to avoid heavy lifting indefinitely.
  • Bending or twisting – Your physician or physical therapist will probably tell you to refrain from any activity that will apply added weight to the spine for the first few weeks after your surgery. That means that you’ll need help around the house to perform chores like doing laundry.

Let your body heal

As you gradually heal, remember to avoid these activities and to always listen to your body. If any movement or exercise causes pain, you should stop it altogether. Also, be sure to keep in close contact with Laser Spine Institute throughout your recovery — your Care Team is here to assist you with any questions you have after your outpatient procedure at one of our facilities.