Laser Spine Institute Treatment Options for a Collapsed Disc

At Laser Spine Institute, we provide collapsed disc patients with a more effective alternative to traditional open spine surgery treatment options. Of course, elective surgery should always be viewed as a last resort, only to be considered by patients who have already followed conservative treatment regimens for weeks or months without satisfactory mitigation of their symptoms. When surgery does come into consideration, Laser Spine Institute’s procedures stand out because they are minimally invasive and require no overnight hospital stay. In contrast, traditional open neck and open back surgeries are performed using larger incisions, and they involve patients staying at the hospital for two to five days.

Read on to learn about the minimally invasive surgical procedures that we perform to improve the wellbeing of patients with collapsed discs.


At Laser Spine Institute, a discectomy involves the partial removal of a damaged disc that is causing symptoms. By eliminating the problematic part of the disc, our surgeons can alleviate the pain, weakness and numbness caused by its impingement on a surrounding nerve.


A laminotomy is a procedure that involves the removal of the bony roof of a vertebra. It is used to give compressed nerves more space, thereby mitigating the symptoms caused by impingement.


A foraminotomy consists of widening a vertebral opening to allow nerves to pass through to innervate the other areas of the body. Similar to a laminotomy, the procedure is designed to allow compressed nerves more room, relieving the “pinching” that can cause symptoms ranging from localized pain to radiating weakness.


If a disc has lost significant height and can no longer support the surrounding vertebrae, spinal fusion involves the removal of the collapsed intervertebral disc, followed by a repositioning and fusing of the two neighboring vertebrae. This is performed to stabilize a segment of the spine that may be resting on nerve roots after a disc has collapsed. As with all of our other procedures, we perform fusions on a minimally invasive basis, using small incisions to complete them and limiting the cutting of muscle tissue. This approach means less recovery time and lower risks of complications and infections.

If you’d like to learn more about the collapsed disc procedures that we perform, contact Laser Spine Institute today. Our orthopedic experts can review your MRI report or CT scan and let you know if you’re a good candidate for our minimally invasive surgical procedures.